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50 Slots (Official & Private Hive) -
Time Zone Change - Change the timezone on-demand from within your control panel.

Automated Server Restarts - Set your server to automatically restart every X hours. (Default is 12) With warnings at 1 hour, 30 minutes, 10 minutes & 1 minute before restart.

Control Panel Features - Change time zone, difficulty, motd, restart interval, 'hosted by', max ping, etc. on demand (config changes require server restart) and stop/start/restart server functions

Database Access - Full database access via phpMyAdmin. (Not available on Official Hive)

Side Chat - Enable side chat on your server through a simple option in the control panel.

BattlEye - Enable or disable BattlEye if you so desire.

Password Lock - Optionally require a password for anyone to join your private hive server. (Not available on Official Hive)

rMod - rMod is an optional addon that will allow you to spawn almost any vehicle available in ArmA into your DayZ server. (Compatible with all maps, requires a client addon installed)

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