Adding Mods to Holdfast Game Servers

Looking to install Steam Workshop mods your server? Here's a brief guide how to do so when using our services.

Hello All,

This will be a brief and simple guide on how to add mods from the Steam Workshop to your Holdfast: Nations at War server. *Valid as of 30/05/20*
This guide is intended to be for the use on the Arctic Servers' control panel, we can't help you if you run into issues whilst attempting this with another provider.


Step 1:-
Login to the control panel using the details you were e-mailed or provided with. 

When logged in, navigate to your Game Services page by selecting the "Game & Voice Management" tab at the top, then selecing the "Game Services" option.

Once pressed, you will be shown all your game services in a listed order. Click 'Manage' next to your game server's details.

Once done, this screen should be the result.

Step 2:-
From this page you can manage and control your game server. To continue installing the workshop mods, select the 'Steam Workshop' on the left side menu.

The following will be shown on the page.

Step 3:-
Using the workshop manager you can browse and install any of the workshop items available. To install any of these items you simply need to press the 'Install' button.

Once you press install, a small window will pop up and inform you of the progress of your mod install. Please wait for it to complete.


Step 4:-
Once your mod has been installed, we will need activate it in the server configuration files. If you're having trouble and wish to find a more detailed guide on how to do this, please follow the Developers Instructions Here.

Firstly you will need to find the 10-digit workshop ID for the mod you have installed. To do this simply visit the page of the workshop mod you installed, this can be done by visiting the 'Steam Workshop' page on the control panel and selecting 'Details' below the mod you've installed.

Once you've reached the workshop item's page you simply need to copy the 10-digit number in the URL bar of the page.



Step 5:-
Using the 10-digit code you copied from the workshop page URL, we will now need to enter it into the config in a couple of ways to activate the mod on your server.

To do this simply select the 'Configuration Files' option from the left side menu. You will then be shown a list of the configs available on your game server, select 'Text Editor' next to the one currently used by your server.

The config will then be opened for you to edit.

Firstly you will see under the server settings there is a section dedicated for server mods. Simply add to the row below the following line; 'mods_installed <10-digit code>' placing the 10-digit code you copied earlier into the end.


Once completed you will need to scroll down and add two lines to the map rotation you want this mod loaded into. Firstly change the map_name to 'modmap' and add 'load_mod <10-digit code>' just before the map rotation end line.


Congratulations!... Once these changes have been made, simply select 'Save' on the navigation bar at the top of the page and your workshop mods are now installed. Please restart your server to see your changes.

Troubleshooting Tips:

If you run into issues after installing your workshop item, please look at the common issues below.

"My server doesn't appear after installing a workshop item?!"
If your server doesn't appear after installing a workshop item it's most likley caused by the mod not being loaded correctly. Please double check the lines you added to your configuration file and ensure the 10-digit workshop ID is correct.

"The mod updated! What do I do to get the latest version?"
Simply select the "Steam Workshop (Updates)" option on the left side menu and use the 'Update' option provided on the items you wish to update. You do not need to make any changes after selecting this option, the system will do it for you.

If you find any other issues with this installation method, we would love to fix it. Please contact support and provide as much detail as possible.

This guide was created by Felix Buxton for use on the Client Knowledgebase, please do NOT re-produce or edit this guide for other businesses usage.

Kindest Regards,

Arctic Servers

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